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Are Fake Mediums Getting Scared of Exposure?

This might surprise some reading this, but it certainly won’t surprise a lot of others on the receiving end to hear that the biggest attacks of natural mediums are from other so-called mediums. I say so-called, because the really good man taught are usually on a higher level of awareness as well and are, therefore more knowledgeable, understanding, less critical of others and are usually aware there is such a thing as natural mediums. They also don’t feel the need to call those with a natural ability egotistical or judgemental and they certainly don’t need to feel threatened by them. So why when all I’m doing is trying to help those who need it are some feeling threatened enough to attack my work?

Ego is a word I am hearing more and more of these days and when I check, it is always from someone calling themselves a spiritual advisor/coach or who makes their money by selling all their man-made ideas and lessons very often for not little amounts. I don’t think I’ve yet been called egotistical by good mediums, but it happens mainly from those of little or no talent in mediumship and who are making loads of money from what they’re doing. They then have the cheek to say I shouldn’t have a donate button on my site – this was once said by someone who charges $125 enrolment fee before they’ll answer any questions – you know, the ones I do for free!!!

I wonder why they think they can ask huge sums of money for what they do when some aren’t even real mediums. They teach all sorts of strange things that have nothing to do with real mediumship and yet they advertise themselves as mediums, charge a fortune for what they say they do, refer to everyone as ‘their clients’ and then tell me I am the one who’s a scam merchant because I dare say there is such a thing as natural mediums.

There are sceptics who have nothing to do with spiritual works or activity and who are very wary of claims about mediums and healers – and so they should be. After all, I’m one too and yet these sceptics have healthy minds as they look at things rationally, read about it before making judgements and find out about each person rather than make a sweeping generalisation that is something the less intelligent tend to do. It never ceases to amaze me how many are now yelling the words ego, fraud and judgemental at me and yet they are the biggest culprits.

The incredible thing about every single person who has made scathing comments about me is, not one of them has actually read my words and if they do, they twist them to something that doesn’t even resemble what I wrote. I will show you an example here of what I get every day now from those with little ability but big ego’s themselves.

Here is the original question I asked:

Me: “How many of you believe there is a big difference in natural born mediums and those who think they can acquire the gifts? Do you even acknowledge there is such a thing as a true Sensitive?”

Here are two comments. The first was made in answer to the question itself and the second was made after I answered him.

1st personregarding the issue of natural born or acquired….. In this question is there a supposition that one is better than the other? I think the only difference might be in the ego of the one who claims powers in a exclusive manner due to birth, genetics or some kind of origin theme. Pride has many faces…”

My answer: “So, by your reckoning, Pavaroti, Susan Boyle, Andrea Bocelli and all other naturally gifted people in the world are egotists because they were born with a gift you weren’t? Interesting theory”

 2nd person It’s just that some hone it more by using it 24/7 and taking the time to be still to even listen. Your top Mediums in the world all say the same. John Holland, John Edward, James Van Praagh, etc. Some turn it off when they receive messages like someone just died in the family.  The Pavaroti’s, Bocelli’s worked hard practicing daily to hone their gifts. They weren’t born singing with incredible voice ranges. If you have Mind Frick or (Monkey Mind) where you all you do is analyze all day and fill your head with countless thoughts, how will you ever hear anything?  …So instead of instantly making a decision that any of the ones I mentioned are “bad” or “wrong” or that I’m “wrong” based on your thinking which is your ego at work. All I am saying is don’t be so judgemental thinking only your way is “right”. :) I’d have more respect for you if you’d be more open to other possibilities instead of instantly stating that something or someone is “wrong”. You’re more powerful than that 18 year old thinking”

Now, in the above she states the following: That I say others are bad or wrong, I am being judgemental and egotistical and saying  the only right way is mine.

I wonder why so many are feeling so threatened by the fact I want to get help for natural mediums and have them recognised. People shoot themselves in the foot each time they do this publicly, because in my eyes, what they say speaks volumes about them and their levels of awareness than it does about me or the rest of us who work properly whether it’s man-made or natural. This all proves to me I must be not only helping natural mediums get recognised, but also seem to be exposing the ones who need to be exposed for what they are. After all, if one has nothing to hide or be worried about, they wouldn’t be so bothered would they?

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2012 – What Is Going To Happen?

There is so much being said about the end of the world and all sorts of strange things about 2012 and what we are to expect. I do feel there are big changes to come, but not in the way they are talking of. The ways talked of by many are the usual dramatics we see so often by many professing to be mediums and healers but who are using drama to cover their lack of ability. I believe this is all about to change though as spiritual works are to undergo a radical upheaval at the hands of the spirit world who said in one of their channelled messages about what is seen today that they are (in their own words) ‘at our wits end’.

Over the last few weeks, you’ll have seen some of the messages I have been getting about changes to come and it is this, I believe we are to expect for 2012. There is even a chapter in A Guide’s Guide To Mediumship and Healing called, ‘Your World’ that is about changes to come and what to expect and that was written and channelled years before I published it. There is already a big movement in the spiritual world where people are getting very discontented about how many people are calling themselves spiritual and yet who have little or no understanding of the word.

There is unrest amongst the ways seen for many years to be the only way and many are now realising there is something far different on offer. Those who have been born with the gifts had settled for mediocre teachings and help in development from those who had (and have) no understanding of natural ability. They are now looking for more and realise they can work in a much better way and different fields than they have been allowed to do up until now.

There is a huge upsurge of people, such as myself, around the world who are determined to get the teachings from the spirit world out to those who are ready to hear what they have to say. Changes are coming and already we have seen them starting. People want more than they are getting now. Enough has been seen of the entertainment type shows and demonstrations we have all had to put up with in the name of mediumship, now we are seeing what this work is really meant to be about.

Demonstrations are fine if done in small venues and in order to show those who are seeking for information about these matters, but it is not to be confused with a mediumistic reading done on a one to one basis – there is no comparison as many of you will already know.

Be prepared for upheaval and huge changes as those who have been the only ones to have their ways taught are to now see others teaching methods as given by the spirit world rather than mankind. There will be many who will fight against this happening and who will try to discredit these new teachers sent into the world to start the changes happening, but the spirit world will be on hand to make sure doors are opened and their words are heard far afield and will reach all corners of the earth.

These are the changes I believe to be happening for 2012. New ways and new beginnings in mediumship as natural mediums and healers make their voices heard and bring about the changes so badly needed. No longer are we to be held back and our gifts to be dampened down by others less gifted so they will shine. We are to show others the simple ways this can all be done without a need for huge charges to be made for classes, workshops or worst of all, for healing.

Be ready and support natural mediumship and healing by those born with the gifts and who are now to be used to start this work in earnest to bring about those changes. You can help by spreading the words and the teachings of the spirit world that they give us to pass on to you all. We can make a difference if we work together and although it won’t all be finalised in our time here, we can make a start by helping the spirit world in what it is they are seeking to change.

If you are not a medium or a healer, but love all it is they do, you can help make a huge difference by helping in the ways you are able. We can all work for spirit, we just have different ways of doing it. Some will work as mediums and healers, some as ambassadors, helping open doors for their teachers to be heard and others can help by spreading the words and works their mediums do. Are you ready for the changes? Are you willing to help in this huge task?

This, my friends, is what I think we are to see start happening in 2012. Even though it has already started and we have been putting things into place for the last year for them with our books, blogs and teachings, it is now we are to see it all spreading and growing at a very fast rate indeed. Let’s see if this really is what we are to expect. Not long till we find out now.

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