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Is This Prediction One I Should Tell?

Automatic writing is something that I used to do a lot and was a way the spirit world communicated with me when they wanted me to know anything. There is something I have been pondering for a while now and am not sure whether to mention it or not. It is something they told me would happen and I have a feeling I know where and when it might be. The thing is, it could cause mayhem and worry, so do I say anything or not?

We have a responsibility as mediums to act responsibly and not be overly dramatic or sensationalist. There are those who do behave in those ways, but I am not one of them and so feel a little torn as to what I should do. All they have told me in the past has come true – even down to a couple of things about me. It is usually things to do with the world and event to happen though, but it is always given in a cryptic way so there is never enough detail to prevent what is meant to happen, but is always very clear afterwards that what occurred is the event they told of.

This time is no different, it is cryptic and was given to me about two years ago. I have a strong feeling that the time is coming and will be next year. No, it isn’t anything about the nonsense we hear about the end of the world in 2012! I wouldn’t be that daft or dramatic. So, what do I do? What would you do? Should I say anything or keep quiet? I have plenty of time ahead of me to ponder on this one, but your thoughts would be interesting to hear – if you have any.

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