How To Know If You’re a Medium

Product Description

A reference book that possibly answers all the questions you’ll ever have about natural mediumship and healing as opposed to man made. For anyone born with the gifts and having things happen naturally, this book will help answer many of the questions you’ll have that spiritualist teachings don’t understand or answer.

For those trying to obtain the supernatural gifts in classes and circles, you will dislike the book immensely as it doesn’t conform to man made ideas and teachings and shows the other type of medium the world never sees.


5/5 stars – I bought this very informative book a few weeks ago. If you are wondering whether you have Mediumistic/Healing Abilities then this is the book for you. This is a very good reference book, with honest, accurate information. A little gem for those of you who are about to start your Spiritual journey. A book to treasure,I just wish it had been written/ published when I was embarking on my Spiritual journey, It would have helped me in so many ways. I am so impressed with LHW,that I have nearly all of her books, I can’t recommend them/her enough. she is so down to earth and a very honest lady. Looking forward to the next one…..


like talking to a friend – 5/5 stars

I downloaded this book recently and found it very easy to read. I like the style that it is written in, like speaking to Lorraine face to face. The questions and answers follow naturally and it is easy to understand and to relate to. Although easy to understand the answers are given in some depth and are very informative.


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  1. Hello
    My name is Penny. This summer, my husband & I. Went to a camping show. There was a lady there doing cards, palm readings, and crystals.
    When I sat at the table, she had asked me to hold the crystals. The warmest 1 with my eyes closed was the amythist. She held my hand, she was kind if scared to do a reading in me, I felt this and senced it from her. She then told me, I have an amazing natural ability, to be a medium, with help, I could do many wonderful things.
    I have 3 strong Angels, I know them well. I have seen my Great Grandmother, in my house, which was hers. I have felt her presence, beside me in bed, sitting beside the bed, the bed will accually move to where she sits. I thank her, pray she has a good night, & I love her. I have never been scared of anything, I’ve felt it seen. I have a deep inner spirit, that I can know, when not being told the Truth.
    My Inner Spirit is so strong
    My Soul, I’m working on, recently hurt.

    Im exploring to become a medium, not for money, or others to gain wealth. For Peace, Unified, Relationship with God and Mother Earth.

    Thank You for you time.


  2. This book was a delight to read, and of course brings a question that I would love to submit…If we all have spirit helpers. I do not understand why some people who are not natural Mediums have them. Because if, we are not able to communicate with them I do not see why those on the other side are with us and attempt to guide us or speak with us. Surely if we all have these helpers, then there must be a way that we can communicate with them..


  3. I have been ‘KNOWING’ is how I tell it,since(psychic) I had tools to decipher my ‘knowing power'(small). I am still wanting to ‘know’ how to use it @ a moments notice of needing it. It comes to me in dreams,or/and when eyes are closed,yes ‘I see dead ppl’ when in a sleep state, or waking up in a semi wake/sleep state. I have dreams of things b4 they happen. I had my father smile@me when ‘I said I love u Dad & miss you’.
    Mom sends me dimes etc..
    The Crows come to me & tell me when someone in my Circle dies. I use to call it,’it’s in the air on timing etc..i never knew that no one else saw one or many faces as vividly as I do/did. I thought everyone saw them? The crows are undeniable,I spoke it out loud…these days, b4 it happens it happens b/c i am tired of saying it ‘after’ the fact,now they have no choice ,they know it’s true! I am not buying anymore books or paying for what I already have,(inside) i will find out myself as i do all things. It’s time I start charging for my gifts ‘he gave’,i am also tired of given freely & getting nothing back! I am dead flat damit broke!
    Sorry 4 the two post,i had to clean it up & fix it~


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