A Guide’s Guide To Mediumship and Healing

Product Description
An instructional book aimed at changing the ways of mediumship and healing. Written by me, but inspired by my guides/helpers. They say who can and can’t and who should and shouldn’t do this work whilst giving guidelines to those who use mediums to show what to watch out for. They conclude with a message about our world and what we can expect in the future.This is hard hitting and not for those who believe they can learn these gifts – they can’t.
Absolutely beautiful, December 27, 2011 5/5 stars
This is such an amazingly beautiful book! It was straight to the point and told you what you should be looking for if you are a true medium or healer, how you should be practicing and what you should be charging. It also told you what you can be doing to help out if you havent been given the gift of mediumship. After reading this I truly felt that there is so much more in this world than people see and Im thankful to Lorraine for being so open and writing it down. I cannot recommend this book enough!
honest approach – 5/5 stars – I bought this book recently and I found the content refreshingly straightforward and honest. Lorraine confirms my own thoughts on healing and mediumistic ability so I found that really helpful. There are lessons within the text which are easy to follow and allows each person to develop at their own pace to their own potential. So a great book, easy to read and follow.
Life Changing – 5/5 stars
What can I say? A book that has finally given me the answers I have been searching for. I cannot thank Lorraine Holloway-White enough for publishing her work and I really wish that I could have accessed it years ago as it would have saved me a lot of time, anguish and expense.The contents resonated deep inside and the realizations it has given me have been quite life changing. This book is honest and straight forward and I agree it is for sceptics and practitioners alike. However, I think its greatest strength is the clarity and understanding it gives to ‘natural mediums’ who are struggling through the minefield of today’s ‘New Age Spiritualism.’ Highly, Highly recommended.
5/5 stars – This is a life changing book that everyone should read, including the sceptics out there.. written by Lorraine Holloway – White, it is inspired by her Guides and Helpers. They believe that there are those who can and can’t do the work of Mediumshop / Healing. There are guidelines to those who use Mediums/Healers telling you what to look out for.
Everything you need to know about Mediumship/Healing is in this book,although it is hard hitting and not for those who believe they can learn these gifts, because they can’t!
I highly recommend this book, whether you are starting out on your Spiritual journey or you are experienced in this field, it will open your eyes. You can read it again and again and never get bored as it is so inspiring and thought provoking.
You will get to know/experience the difference between a Natural Medium/ Healer and those who have been trained in the field of trying to ‘learn’ these gifts which they do not have. A natural Medium/Healer will and can develop their gifts over a period of time if they should wish to.
The Definitive Work on Natural Healing and Mediumship – 5/5 stars
There has never been a book like this before on these subjects. If you want honest and straight forward answers to all of your questions about psychics, mediums, healing, and related topics, this is the book for you. No hocus-pocus or mumbo jumbo will be found in this book. No rituals or incantations. Only a down to earth truthful discussion of these topics as only this author can do. It tells you realistically what you can expect should you desire to explore these topics, and how to go about it. This book is for sceptics, practitioners, and for those who want to know what mediumship is all about.
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  1. Do you do absent healing? I have a health problem for over 20 years which seems to be getting worse.


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