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More Channellings from Spirit

Ruben is someone I have recently met thanks to my group pages and books. He is someone who quite excites me as he seems to be getting messages direct from the spirit world that contain the same messages I do. They told me there are many of us now around the world who are being put to work to spread their words and this appears to be happening more and more. The words they give us might vary slightly, but we are all getting the same content and meaning from them.

Warnings are being given and shown to man that many are ignoring and yet others are now listening to the teachings some of us are asked to give and the words we are asked to say to you all. This is the work of spirit and is a way many of the natural born mediums are now being set to work.

It is time we all recognised the ways of mankind are not the ways spirit wants us to be doing these things and that what we often see done under the guise of mediumship is not how they would ever work with their true mediums. Below, is something Ruben was given on the 21st of March and if he gets any more that has different content, I will be sharing that with you all in future now too.

We come to you once again this day to bring you another message. You as a gifted soul have been chosen as an instrument because of the many lives that you have had in the earth plane.
You have reached the point where as you come back to us, you will join us as one of us. All these afflictions that have been sent to earth is to deter those that do not carry the word to the four corners of the earth. We have been with you many centuries. Many of you will ask questions regarding the coming of the next dimension. You will know in due time what is expected of you. There is chaos among you, for humans do not understand that compassion for one another.
We give signs and yet no one believes. The things that are coming must happen. Do not put your energies towards it, this must happen. Everything has started to change. The light which we have given to you will guide you towards the door of salvation. There is more to come as the universe aligns. We have been sending many messages. The human concept cannot comprehend the tremendous evolvement that is coming. We wish not to distress you, but to comfort you in these great moments. We know that you have spoken our words, yet they laugh at you, we understand. You will be needed for your gifts and abilities. Mankind is at a loss.
Look to the sky from the east soon, for mankind shall see our first message. We leave you now and will return soon. God’s love comes with us. It is also in your Heart. (as given to RubyQ)

You will notice from the above that the spirit world always talk of God when they give messages. To those who don’t believe in Him, then how can they say they are mediums and working with spirit? If they were truly working with spirit as natural born mediums are, then they too would know God does exist, it’s just we might call Him by a different name.

There are those who will try to copy the way spirit talks to the mediums they work with in order to deceive and confuse, but the spirit world show us that people calling themselves mediums, but who do not believe in God and who teach against Him, are working not with the highest and purest energies, but with something else entirely. What it is they work with is deceiving them and those they teach. The only way is through God and in Him you will find your truth. It is left to you to decide which path it is you wish to follow as God gave us all free will – will you walk the path of pure mediumship and heed what the spirit world says, or those teachings where God often has no place? The choice is yours.

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Guide’s/Helpers – As Described by Them

Below is an excerpt from one of my channelled books, A Guide’s Guide to Mediumship and Healing. It is fast becoming one of ‘the’ books to buy to help with natural development in mediumship and psychic work as they tell us what it is the spirit world want to see in today’s mediums and how they would prefer to see them work. As people so often call spirit helpers their guides, I thought this might help those who are interested in understand the differences. At the beginning of the book it is me talking yet from the point I am showing you below and onwards is where I am ‘taken over’ and they talk through me. This is just part of the introduction explaining what the book will be about and is them telling you who they are.

Guide’s/helpers who are we?

You will notice throughout this book that we refer to helpers as well as guides. We are aware that many of you will refer to us as your guides but this can be very misleading. We do not guide you or protect you in the way your main protector does. There are others whose job it is to do that and our job is different than theirs. We as helpers are of the spirit world now but were once of your world. That is why we understand human emotion so very well. This is why we are able to communicate with you the way we do. We know what humans behave like, feel like and how they are likely to respond to various things in life. We, at one time, had the same feelings and emotions as you. We felt pain, joy, desperation, happiness, sadness, grief, worry, elation and in fact, any emotion you care to name. That is why we are able to help communicate with you in a way you will understand.

Those who we call guides are of a very different nature. They were never of your world and are, therefore, destined to work in a very different way to us. They have never experienced human feelings or emotions and have no real understanding of things beyond what they are permitted to know in order to help you. They know all about you including your inner thoughts and it is they who guide you and guard you throughout your lifetime. They are with you from the moment you enter this world until your very last breath and will do their utmost to keep you safe at all times.

Many people wish to believe that we are all one and the same. This is not true. What many of you call angels do exist and they are not of your world, never can be and never have been. We have heard said that guides and helpers of the spirit world are angels and vice versa. Not true. We are not the same as each other and can never aspire to be.

There are many things in the world of spirit that we inhabit now, which you know nothing of. You are not meant to and should stop trying to say you know exactly what it is all about. You do not and shall not until your time to pass comes to you. It is only then that you shall learn more of the secrets which will then unfold before you. There is a very good reason for this and it is not for you all to question why. Be happy with what you are allowed to know and stop trying to speculate.

We are able to tell you a little for your knowledge but no more. There are many of you who will listen to what we say and believe us. There are many more who will choose to ignore it as it does not agree with their thoughts and beliefs. So be it. We do not wish to make anyone stray from the path they are on if it is right for them in this lifetime. Their time will come to gain more knowledge and understanding and this is probably not it.

So many of your world believe they hold the key and that what they teach and preach is exactly right and the whole truth. This is not so. There is not one living creature of your world who does know the whole truth. Some have some knowledge whilst others may have more. Some of what you think you know will be correct whilst much more will be wrong. It is not for you to know which of these things they are whilst of your world. All any of you need to know is that you must lead the best life you are able to lead. Help others at all times. Be kind to man and to beast. Stop wanting all you see. You are provided with enough for your basic needs and that should suffice. Sadly, for most it does not.

There are those who profess to be spiritual who really are not by any means. They use this word a lot and most have no idea of its true meaning. It is not enough just to read books and want to be different from others. To be a truly spiritual person you need to live the life within and without. Within is more important although many may not realise this. What good you do that is unseen is worth far more than that which you do in order for others to see and know of. All are worthy, but true goodness shines from within. It is this inner goodness for which you should all strive.

The ones we speak of called your guides are the ones of spirit who wish to help you with this. They are the ones who were never of your world and their job is to help guide your path throughout the whole of your life from the second you take your first breath. They will try to steer you away from those things that are bad for you and will try to put you on a path you need to go down. It is often thought of as your conscience. This is in fact your guide trying to help you.

Your guides are also your protectors when you work with us in spirit and with your mediumship; it is they who look after you and keep you safe. Each and every one of you has at least one and at times will have more. This is why we say you do not need extra protection and that it is afforded you automatically. That protection is with you throughout your lifetime. The only time you need to call on more is when you are doing that which is wrong for you or in the wrong way.

Each time you work with us you should say a few words to your guide and protector. You should say you are about to work with those of us in spirit and will they now work with you in order that the best work may be achieved by us all. This is all that is needed. Intent told to them in order that they may stand more on guard than usual. Some of you may call it a prayer if you wish, but it needs only be very simple indeed and does not need to be said aloud.

Please try to remember the differences we have told you. Your guides and protectors are of pure spirit and have never been of your world. They never shall be as the work they do is what they were created for. You may call them angels or any other name you so desire. We call them angels but it is your wish entirely what you call them.

The others who work with you in your mediumship are not guides or protectors they are spirit helpers. We were of your world and as such have not been elevated to that position which you all afford us. We are but helpers sent to assist in the communication between both of our worlds. We are aware that most people will ignore what we say here and will insist on calling us their guides. They will also wish to call us by many fancy names as well as simple ones.

We have no need for names where we are. It is you on the earth who need this for identification purposes. Why do we need that? If we work with you there is no need for confusion. All you need know is that we are your helper. From time to time we shall give a name if there are many who work with you at once. It is still not necessary though as each of us will work a totally different way with you which is what will distinguish us one from the other. We do know that you like names and it makes you feel more secure. It is for this fact alone that we shall at times give a name to you.

We hope this section has helped clear up some questions that we know some of you have regarding angels, guides, protectors and such like. It makes no difference to us what names we are all called by. We shall all do the jobs we are destined for regardless. You will call us by whatever name you choose but we have taught you the correct way, it is now up to you what you choose to do. Be rest assured we shall not be offended whatever you decide. All that matters is that we work well together for the sake of goodness. Talking of goodness, maybe this would be a good time to talk of what else it is we have come to teach you.

I hope you enjoyed that small part of the book. If you are interested in reading more, details are below.

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