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God versus Religion


God within religion can be wonderful, but it certainly isn’t necessary to have religion to know, love and serve God. He is many things to many people, but there is only one God and He is very definite about what pleases Him and what doesn’t.

There are such things as supernatural gifts of God, but that doesn’t include entertainment mediums who are pretending to work for Him. There is a desperate need for people to be educated about the differences in mediums and those born with supernatural gifts who work for God. So many today use His name lightly and pretend to be working for Him when they are, in fact, offending Him beyond measure.

To hear people saying they go to mediums and that there is nothing wrong with it as they’re Catholics is horrendous. Where are the priests and religious who are meant to teach about these things? Why aren’t they doing their job in guiding people properly? What about people born with supernatural phenomenon happening and who need guidance? Who do they go to when the churches refuse to help?

It is no good priest and nuns just saying no one must do it then leaving them to it – to cope alone. The proof of the fact so many today need urgent spiritual guidance is in the emptying churches and the filling theatres and spiritualist churches where these false prophets ply their wares.

I have approached one vicar and two priests recently (yet again) asking if I can speak with their parishioners. I have even spoken to a Bishop about this matter. They pretend interest only to ignore me once I have left them again. Their sheer ignorance in what is going on in the world and their continued stance of burying heads in sand is not good enough.

It is their duty to save souls not lose them and they are losing people who belong to God in their droves, due to refusing to acknowledge this very serious problem we have today.

I have tried to remain loyal to the church, but am left with no alternative but to go it alone. I have been the only one helping people with spiritual guidance as regards supernatural gifts and God’s ways for years now. My books are all educating people the differences and now, it needs to be taken further.

It is time to go on the road and start reaching more people. Talking to congregations and groups, but as the church refuse to help, then I will do it without the church. How terribly sad that I have tried so hard to involve them, offering to teach the priests what having these gifts is like. How we struggle with them and have no idea what to do with them.

We need help and go to them asking for it. Instead of being helped, we are told it is all from the devil and to leave it alone. This shows they have no understanding and have even less interest. This is disgraceful and now, I am not going to stand by and allow them to be so lacking in their duty of care any longer.

Religion is the one thing driving most people from God today rather than to Him. I can see why. This constant arrogance is beyond anything God wants of His people. God is not arrogant, God is not ignorant and God does not ignore His people when they come to Him seeking help.

As priests are meant to be His representatives on earth, how can they be so lacking and unlike Him in this regard? It is time for me to go out and teach as much as I can now. I haven’t the money to hire halls and advertise my talks as I don’t charge for anything I do. All I earn from is my books, but as a self published author, I struggle to get my books seen and even these cost me for each one sold.

If needs be though I will hire halls and advertise. Then unfortunately, I’ll ask for donations at the end of each one in hope of covering my costs. If people like what they hear and think there is a need for what I’m doing, I’m sure they’ll help. One thing I do know for sure, if it is God’s will I do this, He will make sure it happens and I’m helped.

In the meantime, if you think your parish would like to hear what I have to say on this subject, please don’t hesitate to ask and I’ll do my best to get there and speak with you all and answer all your questions. (UK only)

I feel so strongly about this, that I have published this post on both my blogs

Different Stages of Spiritual Growth

candlesWe all go through different stages in our lives as part of our growth. This can be physical, mental or spiritual. Sometimes, it will be all three. As we go through those stages, it often means we change how or where we live, work and even people we have known and mixed with.

During my spiritual growth, it has taken me onto different levels and has seen me make changes, as and when I was guided to. These changes have been how I work, where and in the methods of my teaching. Recently, I have been advised things are yet to change again. What these changes are yet I have no idea, but I do know it is to change some of the ways I work at present. Not what I say, just how it will be done and where.

I will still be teaching and giving guidance, but am told not in the ways I have been up till now, as it takes so much time and my energy levels need to be raised for what lies ahead. The growth of calls, messages and help needed by individuals has grown to such an extent, that it is draining my energy. It has to be stopped for energy levels to be restored.

This lack of energy is not from any spiritual work, as working for God never does that to anyone. In fact, working for God gives us more rather than less. The tiredness is only my human frailty from working too many hours over too many years. I will, therefore, not be doing any more one-to-one guidance on Skype, answering private messages or e-mails.

I have enjoyed meeting so many of you over the years while doing this and will still be teaching and giving guidance now and in the future – for free as I’ve always done – but it is to be done in a different way from now on. It is apparently in order for more people to be reached in one go. That is all I know at the moment myself. As with all things in my work, I will allow it to happen naturally, as they guide me on the path God decides these changes are to take.

My main page on Facebook is to still be running and is where I will remain having contact with everyone on a daily basis and chatting to people. Detachment is now necessary elsewhere though for what is in store for me. My two blogs and the one Facebook page are all that will now be kept and run as normal.

I do hope to see you there as well as on here, so if you are on Facebook, please come and join the page and ‘like’ it, so we can keep in touch. With love, Lorraine x

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