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Was This (and more) Predicted in Book?

Voices-EBOOKI am sitting here stunned – utterly stunned. For any of you who have read and have got my book Voices from Heaven. Look at August 25th 2014. Then think of Nepal. This book is showing the predictions are proving to be as accurate as those in my other book, The Spirit World Speaks

EXCERPT from Voices from Heaven – click on title to buy

25th August 2014 – again

Me – Heart thumping wildly. Panic, rushing feeling of something, but I have no idea what. Please tell me where this is happening. Noise. Collapse. Big – huge – boulders and slabs of buildings and concrete. Huge slabs. No time to run, no
warning. All of a sudden. Spreading. It is spreading further afield. Not confined to one area or place but spreading. Water, underground pipes bursting, sewers overflowing and emptying.
Rumbling like thunder. Tremendous noise, but spreading further afield. The ground is opening up and they can’t escape it. It is outrunning them. This is a major, major earthquake the size of such as never seen before in this region or elsewhere.
People can feel this in the nearby mountains, but cannot see what is happening below them. Fear is rife, as they flee or try to flee. Such devastation as never seen before. Thousands killed and many more injured severely. Shock waves to hit the world on hearing of this. The whole town is silenced for now, but more to follow. Not as this though, but more to follow on from this and will rumble for some time.
My eyes are burning and smarting like mad. Breathing heavily and wringing hands. Now settling at 20.54.
Fast and furious. Fast and furious.


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