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Test the Spirits

i-am-the-lord-your-god-first-commandment-2It is easy to believe in God and most people talk of Him as though they do, but how many do we hear talk of the devil? Say his name and you’re immediately thought of as a religious zealot or deluded. Sometimes, the ones most likely to be caught up in his deceptions are the very ones who think themselves most aware of him.

He is roaming this world and having a ball wherever he goes. Basically, gate-crashing every party, because no one is watching out for him. One of the places he has managed to infiltrate far too easily is within religion and those who believe in God. Who would ever think of looking for Satan in church or anything connected with the church?

The fact they pray, go to church, follow devotions and live good lives as much as they can gives a false sense of security. All we have to do is look at the church today to see how much his influence is having an effect on some of the priests, religious and their followers. Priests are human too and can be just as susceptible to Satan’s influence without being aware they are.

People are human, they make mistakes – we all do. Some will make huge mistakes and others smaller ones, but one thing most people have in common, is judging others without looking to themselves first and their own behaviour.

If a priest says something, we immediately believe it to be true. If a nun did, we would believe them also. After all, who is closer to God than they are? All of us can be close to God. They are no closer to Him than any of us, it’s just they devoted their life to serving him within religious orders and we do it as lay people.

It is time we all started being far more discerning and asked questions. How many of you test anything you hear said when it is connected to religion in any way whatsoever? I am not saying anyone should go against the church and its teachings, I am talking of individual remarks and devotions sometimes said or done by a few within it.

Test, test, test all the time. Satan is everywhere today and fooling many people into believing things that aren’t always coming from where they think it is. Remember, Satan can mimic some good things too (or appear to). Appearances can often be deceptive and this is why so many are fooled. He can even perform miracles. The one thing he cannot do is have an end result that is good.

We are told that ‘by their fruits you shall know them’ and this is very true, but sometimes the result of those fruits aren’t seen for many years, such is the subterfuge and deception. Devotion to the saints is wonderful, devotion to our Blessed Lady is wonderful, but too many are placing this above their devotion to God.

They are doing so due to miracles often performed by them that can be proven as miracles. Any such thing seen or heard of should bring us only closer to God, not the ones the miracles are seen to happen through. It is not them performing such things, it is God performing them through them.

If your devotion on seeing anything that brings you closer to those people rather than to God, then question just who is maybe performing such things. Is it God performing them, or is it His adversary fooling you into thinking it is?

Remember, you can admire and love the saints or Our Lady, but you must not put them over and above God at any time or in any way. We should not be praying to them or worshipping them as we do God, we should be asking only that they intercede for us.

They are there only for us to look up to as examples of how we should be striving to be. Far too many take it way beyond that and this is when they have moved away from God and are being tempted in ways they haven’t recognised.

By being so devout and pious, they can fool themselves (and others) that they are serving God, when in actual fact, they are very subtly being taken further from Him. It is all very well telling people who have supernatural gifts to test the spirits from whence they come, but no one at all is telling them to check in other ways and certainly not when it comes to their prayers and devotions.

If anyone is one hundred percent sure in their faith (and in anything they believe) they will have no problem testing it to be sure it comes from the right place. Only those who are not so sure would feel affronted when asked to check and pray on it. Either that or they have been influenced and have not recognised they have been. Test the Spirits at all times – especially the spirit living and working within you. I test every day – even that which I feel most sure and confident with – do you?


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