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People are often confused about my beliefs due to me writing about God and yet also talking of and writing about mediums (a word I detest). Let me explain.

Man made mediums in classes based on spiritualism and new age ideas are something very different from the supernatural gifts of God as seen in many of our saints. However, the two are very often confused and this is what I teach about. The first is what I despise and the second is what I hope to bring people to recognise as being the true gifts of God.

There are many today born with natural supernatural gifts who mistake them for being the same as the things we see all over the television, on stages and in the media. With nowhere for those not wanting spiritualist/man made ways to go for advice, I have tried hard to reach as many of them worldwide as I can, in order to advise and educate about these differences.

The church doesn’t help, despite saying they are there if we need them. I know they don’t, because I was one of those people who was let down and left to flounder alone. It is only by God’s grace and blessings I have gone through all the searching stages done by many thousands who also seek help and see the rest for what it is – Satan’s work.

I survived the false teachings offered by people who are easily deceived by the many temptations and am determined to help others save their souls and steer them on the right path. I have used words and terminology in my books and other blog that are so easily recognised by the majority in the world. By doing so, I have reached far more people than I otherwise would have done.

My blog shows those various stages we all go through and it is hoped, those who are strong will survive the temptations on offer and now be following this blog, which talks only of God’s ways. The work I have been guided to undertake is varied, difficult and comes with much criticism and hatred aimed at me. If it means bringing people to God, so be it.

I walk between two ways, the Orthodox religions and man’s false ways, but hope to reach people from both those paths and the ones in between. Many have been reached, but many also choose to ignore what I am asked to share for various reasons.

I believe Heaven is guiding me to teach about what it is God wants of us all spiritually and especially, how He wants us to use supernatural ability for His good, the good of the world and in order to help save people’s souls. The fact the predictions given to me are all proving to come true would indicate this truly is of God, as God never lies.

The books I would highly recommend anyone seeking answers are

Voices from Heaven

Are Mediums Real?


The Spirit World Speaks ( a title given to reach as many as possible and not just those who believe in God)

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God’s Spiritual Gifts come in all manner of ways and one of these most precious of gifts is Faith.

Having deep faith in God doesn’t come from going to church or belonging to a particular religion. It comes from inviting Him into our lives and coming to know Him. This can be within religion or without.

Being truly spiritual and nourishing one’s soul doesn’t come with saying what religion one follows or belongs to. It comes from a longing to know God, who He is and what it is He asks of us then trying to live and act accordingly.

It is our personal relationship as an individual that gives us those things. It comes from searching; a need to want to seek within ourselves and elsewhere for a truth that speaks to us. A want and a need to really know who or what God is and a wish to please Him in all we do.

So many in life talk of God and yet have no understanding of who He really is. They use the name to suit themselves in total disregard that their deeds are often being offensive to Him. This is like so much else in life. People pick out the parts they want and discard the rest.

Nowhere did God say that having deep faith, love, trust and a relationship with Him would come only by belonging to a religion and going to services in holy buildings of any faith.

Belonging to a religion and being part of one big family worldwide can be wonderful, but knowing God and having a personal relationship with Him is much better and that can come with religion or without.

Believer or non-believer; Christian, Jew, Hindu, member of any other faith or none, it is time there was somewhere we all came together and worked on our love of God, rather than seeing so much of the differences borne of man. A place with no religion attached in the way of services suited to any particular faith.

There is much talk of inter faith services, but they are still services based on religion and the restrictions each impose. It doesn’t matter by which name we call God, the fact is, if we follow any of the holy books He is one and the same and just called by a different name.

I choose to believe Christian teachings, but I would love to learn more about other religions and especially about the many people who love God and live by His laws without being part of a religion. I’d like to hear what they have to say, how they see God and live their life in the ways He wants us to.

People of no religion at all can have a deep love of God and all His creations. They often try to follow what He asks of us far more than many churchgoers do. They have much to teach us just as we all do each other. In fact, many of them have left religion due to being told only theirs is the right one.

To be a true follower of God, it doesn’t mean we can make up a false god to suit ourselves where anything and any behaviour goes. If anyone does that, it is their choice and right for them, but it isn’t God they are actually following and it isn’t this I’m talking of today.

It isn’t what we are seen to do, where we go or which faith we follow. It is about God – plain and simple. It is about living a good life and striving for goodness and purity within ourselves.

It isn’t about finding fault in what others believe in or how they worship God and what religion or holy book they follow. It is about how we live for Him, by Him and whether we do it within His laws or our own.

A deep faith comes from allowing God to enter our hearts minds, bodies and souls. It is about trusting in Him one hundred percent. However we find this and manage to acquire it is what matters. Often, it can be found without needing to attend a place of worship. It can be, but it is mainly found from sitting quietly and inviting Him into our lives.

It can come with sitting in church quietly, in prayer at home or anywhere else we find peace, and especially by looking at all He created around us. The miracles of life that man cannot ever hope to replicate.

Whichever way and in whatever place we find God is right for us as individuals and it is this I would love to see honoured, respected and embraced far more in the world today than it is now.

If we truly love God, then let us join together instead of always pulling apart. Find our similarities and not our differences. Respect each other and love each other as God asks us to. Remember, He says to love thy neighbour as thyself, but nowhere did He say that had to be conditional to their beliefs.

By coming to know God properly and living life as He asks of us, people often then seek religion. We have to make sure that when they do, they have a place that will fill their needs, and that will answer their questions and give proper spiritual guidance in a way that isn’t happening now.

For now, the important thing is to bring people back to the one true God. The God of the Bible that is all things to all men. Not the washed up and watered down one of false teachers and not the one with so many limitations we so often see within religion.

No one is running the church down, but we do know it needs a good shake up. It is time needs were met of all who come seeking help in spiritual matters rather than pushing so many away as they do now to seek elsewhere just because they are seeking deeper and no one is prepared to help.


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