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There are two very different types of medium. Those born with things happening to them naturally  – Sensitives – and those who one day decide to try to make it happen by attending circles, classes and anything else on offer. The second type, tends to go by only New Age or Spiritualists’ man-made teachings and usually call themselves psychic mediums.

Sensitives are born with the gifts and never attend classes. Unlike forced mediums, they work only as guided by God and the spirit world. Depending on only them for their natural development and teaching as and when it is meant to happen rather than by forcing it to.

Lorraine’s books are, at present, thought to be the only ones in the world that teach the differences between the two types of medium. They are aimed at helping natural Sensitive Mediums understand what is happening to them, whilst also explaining to those interested, how to tell the differences between forced and natural mediumship. Lorraine is also known for speaking her mind in a very plain way when teaching how to spot a fake or those just preying on the vulnerable for their own self elevation or monetary gain.

Natural Mediums and Healers

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Lorraine has written both fiction and non fiction. Mainly a non fiction writer of spiritual books teaching about Natural Mediumship as opposed to man taught. She has also written a political book about charitable works the whole of the country took part in for the Kurds, but that Jeffrey Archer strangely got the credit for. Read the whole story and why this possibly was in Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds “The Simple Truth”

She has also written three fiction books. The first of these, It’s in Their Eyes has already been published and the sequel Hartford, was published in July 2014

My Little Book is a tiny booklet that is ideal to slip into an envelope as a small gift. It is poems, prayers and thoughts for the day.

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When God is not God


The god of false spirituality


Spiritual blogs, forums, books and pages are filled with things that are often not remotely spiritual despite trying to sound (and claiming) to be. The reason they aren’t, is the fact they often need to deceive and lie in order to gain followers and believers in their teachings.

Believe in what you want, but stop using God’s name for false teachings and ways that are nothing to do with Him. If you don’t believe in Him in His entirety, as taught in the Bible, then refrain from using His name for making money, trying to sound very spiritual and for making people believe you must be working or living for good, just because you talk of God.

If anyone believes in God, they wouldn’t dream of following or taking part in those weird rituals talked of by new ager’s, spiritualists or others. Nor would they believe the strange man made things done to make money and lure people into believing it must be good, just because they use God’s name.

You can believe in what you want and they can believe in what they want, but anyone who uses God’s name when they don’t believe in His teachings, are doing it to lure people in and deceive.

God never lies, and God never deceives. If anyone is doing things that offend Him, then their work is not of good. If it was, they wouldn’t need to use His name to make you think it is. They would use words and teachings about what they believe in without need to do that.

Why aren’t the churches talking out about this? Why aren’t they teaching people in ways they are desperately asking to be taught? It is obvious they are seeking for something and they are looking for God in all the wrong places, because no one in the church is listening to them.

Well, it is time they stood up and took note. It is time the churches had people available to advise and teach. Before that happens though, they need to accept and admit at long last that there really are people such as me in the world who exist and work for God. Until they can do that, they will continue to lose people in their droves who used to belong to God.

They’ve already lost most of them, isn’t it time to save the ones who remain and maybe bring some of the others back to Him again? This can only be done if they change the ways they teach and treat people now. They need to teach who God really is and who He isn’t.

They also need to accept and teach about God’s supernatural gifts that are given to some to use for His good. It is this people know exists and because the church pretends it doesn’t, they go to those who are only too eager to teach them how to use said gifts against God rather than for Him.

7Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain: for the Lord will not hold him guiltless that shall take the name of the Lord his God in vain. Exodus 20: 7

 If anyone would like me to visit their church or do a talk and answer everyone’s questions, I am more than happy to do so.

Animal Cruelty in Spain


Spiritual practices can often be far from spiritual and even further removed from knowing who God is. Usually, I teach and talk about the need to clean up spirituality when associated with what one usually thinks of as being in this field. However, there are others that defy belief.

The Spanish – and other countries – have a very morbid practice of animal abuse and torture done in the name of spirituality. How sick is this and how can it in any way be classed as being a spiritual act?

How countries are even allowed to continue such barbaric acts in such modern times is beyond me. How can anyone professing to be a Christian actually think this is acceptable practice?

These monsters are abusing and torturing animals at so many different fiestas where their children are taken in order to watch and learn. They too will then become desensitised and think this is normal behaviour of civilised people. They are far from being civilised people they are barbarians. Those who go to watch are equally as bad.

Anyone abusing another living thing is not a Christian, is not spiritual and is certainly not acting in ways that would please God, no matter how much they pretend.

These acts are pure evil and the only one who cultures evil in this world is the devil. Satan will be laughing at these so-called spiritual people while they carry out acts such as he loves and encourages people to do. How can this not be stopped and why do so many allegedly civilised tourists go and watch, thereby encouraging it?

My heart bleeds for these most innocent of creatures that God created in love, just as much as He loves us. For each one you abuse or hurt, you push another thorn in Jesus’ head, another nail in His hands and feet and another sword in His side.

There is never an excuse for cruelty. There is no such thing as this being a cultural experience. They can pretty up their barbaric and evil ways by pretending whatever they like, but to the rest of the world they are sick, perverted workers of evil. They are the depth of depravity.

The world is so full of badness, but the worst is always done to animals far more than it is to any human. The sickest thing is how many love to watch it being done. God needs to clean up His world and He needs to do it as soon as possible. He knows when the time is right and that time is coming soon. I just hope He starts with them.


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