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There are two very different types of medium. Those born with things happening to them naturally  - Sensitives – and those who one day decide to try to make it happen by attending circles, classes and anything else on offer. The second type, tends to go by only New Age or Spiritualists’ man-made teachings and usually call themselves psychic mediums.

Sensitives are born with the gifts and never attend classes. Unlike forced mediums, they work only as guided by God and the spirit world. Depending on only them for their natural development and teaching as and when it is meant to happen rather than by forcing it to.

Lorraine’s books are, at present, thought to be the only ones in the world that teach the differences between the two types of medium. They are aimed at helping natural Sensitive Mediums understand what is happening to them, whilst also explaining to those interested, how to tell the differences between forced and natural mediumship. Lorraine is also known for speaking her mind in a very plain way when teaching how to spot a fake or those just preying on the vulnerable for their own self elevation or monetary gain.

This blog has changed in format for the time being due to other pressing commitments, but she can be found at her Facebook pages for anyone wanting updates about Lorraine’s daily life or forthcoming books. One is due to be published very shortly and one other is near completion. To hear about these and more, there will be updates at the appropriate time on this site. She will also be unable to answer any comments left on old posts.

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Easter – New Beginnings

Easter Sunday is the start of new beginnings. Leave the past where it belongs and start anew. For those who are seeking, all you need do is ask and the way will be shown to you, knock and the door will be opened
May God’s Blessings shine upon you all today and always


Why has God Forsaken Me?

10264725_10203175003328673_1586498976_nSome of you will at some time feel your lives are empty, that God, your faith and spiritual life are leaving you. You don’t understand why this is happening and feel lost, lonely and unsure what to do about it.

What makes it more confusing is the fact this happens when you are seeking answers and asking for God to come into your lives the most. You think God has forsaken you, but He hasn’t.

Imagine being in a supermarket with your trolley. You have filled it to the brim and there is no room for anything more. Suddenly, your doctor bumps into you and takes a glance at the goods you’ve put in there. It is on seeing your shopping he immediately knows why you’ve been feeling unwell, tired of life and off colour – it’s your diet.

There was a time you could have eaten all of these things and enjoyed every mouthful. It was probably even good for you when you were younger, but those days have gone. What fed and nourished your body back then, is now  harming it. It is time to change the way you eat.

He advises changes you could make to help you and you decide to start today. In order to start this new healthy way, you need to clear all that’s in the trolley now.

Everything is taken out and it is left empty ready to start filling it again. This is the same with your spiritual path. It has been filled with things that nourished and fed you up till now, but it is time for a change. The more you seek, the emptier you feel. This is the old being cleared from you ready for the new to enter.

God wants to come into your life in the way you’re now inviting Him too. For this to happen, man’s ways have to be cleared to make space. Only when your heart, mind, body and soul are cleared of everything that is now holding you back, can the new enter fully.

If you have spiritual gifts that have deserted you, maybe they were being used in the wrong ways. These too have to be put on hold, as the transition takes place. The old ways have to be discarded fully, before the new can replace them.

If your soul and heart feels empty do not despair, instead rejoice. It means you are now on the way to becoming fulfilled in ways you never have been before. You are preparing yourself ready to accept the most precious gift life has to offer you – God. He has always been with you, but only now are you ready to accept Him fully. It has begun, rejoice and be glad.

Good Friday is the most important day of the year to me – and to all Christians worldwide. It is a day where I like to sit and reflect on all that has happened in my life. What I have done and what others have done to me.


If the above picture is offensive to anyone, it means they are not ready to clear the clutter and invite Him in to their lives. Maybe today would be good for you especially to think about your life and why this could be.

Easter is also a time of new beginnings and when people start to grow in awareness and move forward on their spiritual path, this is when they can feel most bereft and alone. No one is ever alone though. God is always with you, your guardian angel is always with you and all any of us needs to do is allow them to share in our lives.

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