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People are often confused about my beliefs due to me writing about God and yet also talking of and writing about mediums (a word I detest). Let me explain.

Man made mediums in classes based on spiritualism and new age ideas are something very different from the supernatural gifts of God as seen in many of our saints. However, the two are very often confused and this is what I teach about. The first is what I despise and the second is what I hope to bring people to recognise as being the true gifts of God.

There are many today born with natural supernatural gifts who mistake them for being the same as the things we see all over the television, on stages and in the media. With nowhere for those not wanting spiritualist/man made ways to go for advice, I have tried hard to reach as many of them worldwide as I can, in order to advise and educate about these differences.

The church doesn’t help, despite saying they are there if we need them. I know they don’t, because I was one of those people who was let down and left to flounder alone. It is only by God’s grace and blessings I have gone through all the searching stages done by many thousands who also seek help and see the rest for what it is – Satan’s work.

I survived the false teachings offered by people who are easily deceived by the many temptations and am determined to help others save their souls and steer them on the right path. I have used words and terminology in my books and other blog that are so easily recognised by the majority in the world. By doing so, I have reached far more people than I otherwise would have done.

My blog shows those various stages we all go through and it is hoped, those who are strong will survive the temptations on offer and now be following this blog, which talks only of God’s ways. The work I have been guided to undertake is varied, difficult and comes with much criticism and hatred aimed at me. If it means bringing people to God, so be it.

I walk between two ways, the Orthodox religions and man’s false ways, but hope to reach people from both those paths and the ones in between. Many have been reached, but many also choose to ignore what I am asked to share for various reasons.

I believe Heaven is guiding me to teach about what it is God wants of us all spiritually and especially, how He wants us to use supernatural ability for His good, the good of the world and in order to help save people’s souls. The fact the predictions given to me are all proving to come true would indicate this truly is of God, as God never lies.

The books I would highly recommend anyone seeking answers are

Voices from Heaven

Are Mediums Real?


The Spirit World Speaks ( a title given to reach as many as possible and not just those who believe in God)

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How Strong is Your Faith Really?


One thing I am always advising people to do is to test the spirits. Not only do we have to test the spirits of those we believe come to us from the afterlife, but also the spirit within those who are living and what they claim comes to them and why they’re claiming it.

You’d be amazed how many people say to me they always test the spirits and yet don’t in certain situations. It is only when I ask them pointedly did they test the spirit of a particular thing they heard of or experienced that they often answer, ‘no, but…’.

There is no ‘but’. There must never be a ‘but’. There are many false prophets in the world today. Some of them are not doing it deliberately (though most are), but are being as deceived as you and me.

I test every single time there is anything I receive myself or that I hear or read that is claimed by others – every time. Never once do I accept anything that is said without questioning it.

There are many people today alleging visions of Our Lady and saying God is talking to them. I am no different, I too say these things as you know, but how many of us are being deceived and how many aren’t? Are any being given real proof or do they just say they are?

Most important, how many of the people claiming these things have ever tested the spirits to see if they are who they believe them to be and are they still testing them every time? What proof have they been given that it is indeed coming from where they believe?

Most people claiming such things have never tested anything at all and even if they did once, they don’t continue to. Seeing visions or miracle’s performed, or what they perceive to be a miracle, is not proof it is always of God. After all, we are told even the devil can perform miracles, come as angels of light or mimic anyone we want to believe we are seeing or hearing from.

Most people who are totally genuine in their beliefs and who have one hundred percent faith in them would never balk at testing or questioning where it all comes from. Why would they be annoyed at being asked to test and pray on whether it is authentic unless worried what they may find out?

If anyone gets angry at being advised to question, and is determined they don’t need to, has to ask what is it they are worried about discovering. Every saint tested the spirits constantly till the day they died. Every person of today who is determined not to offend God in any way, shape or form would test at every step of the way during the whole of their lives. Not just once, but continually.

No one should ever be complacent about such things and yet they are. Just because many others believe the same thing doesn’t mean it is right. Why do you think the church tests everything so thoroughly and for so long? They are right to do so.

Most of the time, priests are too strict with people genuinely gifted and refuse to help or give advice, but in other cases, they are far too believing of claims made of visions and messages received. Are they too drawn in by the thought of God or Our Blessed Lady coming to people to speak with them? It would appear in some cases, yes they are.

You see, priest and religious are just like the rest of us. They are human beings of this world and learning just as we all have to. Sadly, quite a few don’t check claims made and are swept up with the thought they too are being part supernatural events of Heaven.

One has to ask why anyone passing messages from God needs to ask for donations and exactly what they are used for. More to the point, why are so many becoming so rich from them? If by other work they do that is one thing, but becoming rich from donations? How can that truly be of God?

Test all the time. Nothing and no one is safe from deception and if priests or religious can be deceived then so can you. Stop believing all the hype and claims made by people and start to use your own discernment. There are many cases where things were claimed for many years only to be found to be false in the end.

If you are loathe to test claims made by others, or in your own thoughts or deeds, then you need to ask yourself what it is you’re worried about discovering. Anyone not willing to test anything, is not only unsure of what it is they claim to believe one hundred percent in, but is also not sure of their own strength of faith.

Is it a case of wanting to believe so desperately that some can’t face discovering it wasn’t true after all, or is it just like so many others today, they only want to believe what makes them feel good regardless? Which person are you – the one who tests all things in your bid to determine the truth at all costs, or one who pretends to but only wants to believe if it makes them feel good?

Testing the spirits and claims of others doesn’t always give us the answers we wanted to hear or see. The truth isn’t always easy to hear or accept, but it is always in our own best interest and especially when that comes to offending or not offending God.

What it all comes down to in the end, is your strength of character and the truth of what lies in your heart. Do you have true love for God and a want to please and obey Him, or only in ways that are as and how it suits you to do so?

Saying we thought anything was true is no excuse, it is up to us as individuals to test everything ourselves and not follow the crowd like lambs to the slaughter. I test everything everyday and don’t accept anything without question – do you have the courage to?


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