Why Can’t Medium/Psychic Read For Me?

There are various reasons a medium or psychic would refuse or be unable to do a reading for you and yet the first thing everyone always thinks if it happens to them is, ‘Oh, goodness, they’ve seen I’m going to die and so they can’t see anything ahead of me.’ This really isn’t why it is at all and sadly, most of them don’t, or won’t, tell you why they aren’t doing you a reading and this just causes worry and upset for the one who is turned away. Even if they do tell you why, most will go away worried and think the above anyway.

Sometimes, it is just because the energy is wrong, don’t ask me why as this is one of those things we can’t explain and shouldn’t even bother trying to. It can also be because you are being too demanding or aggressive with your wants and will not listen to how a reading is done only expecting what you want not what you need or will get, it could be the psychic or medium is coming down with something and just isn’t aware (as the gifts will often be taken while we’re ill) or all manner of things. It can even be that the medium concerned is overworking and so the gifts have been put to rest forcibly to make them rest or it might be you just are not meant to have a reading for whatever reason.

If a medium or psychic overworks, it is not unusual for the gifts they’re using to suddenly stop for a while until they get some rest and re-charge their energy levels. Likewise, we can have some people come to us who only want to hear one thing and nothing more – they rarely get it. Then there are those who come too often or who we can see is going to run their life dependant on what we say to them. I will never read for people like this and no responsible person would.

If you go for a reading and they say they can’t or won’t read for you, ask them why it is. Don’t go off worrying yourself sick that you’re about to die as no one would want you to be so upset, it will often just be they haven’t explained the reasons to you very well or at all. It isn’t a regular occurence by any means, but it can happen and if you are the sort who goes for readings regularly, you’ll probably have it happen to you one day.

There is the odd occasion when we hear of people who no one at all seems to be able to read for and this is a more tricky one.  I know of one person who has gone from psychic to medium over many years since her twenties and never has one of them been able to read for her. Whilst this is very rare, it can happen – why is this? I have no idea, but I never question God in His wisdom. If this person, or any other, cannot be read for, there has to be a reason and we just have to trust what that reason is, after all, God (or the higher energy) knows the full picture about that person and we don’t. Even though she has never been able to be read for in all her life, she is now well into her 60’s and hasn’t died, so you see, not being able to be read for is not a death sentence. If it happens to you, it might be disappointing, but it really isn’t the end of your world despite you thinking it might be.

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  1. Hi just came across your site love your opinion and outlook on life you are a very strong person. I was born with my gifts and am finally coming into realization of them. Will be looking into your book.

  2. Thank you for writing this. I’ve been working for many years and had my first person who I couldn’t read for and found it deeply disturbing. Had I not had a client straight afterwards I would have walked away from that experience concerned I’d lost my gifts. Thank you for writing this it puts my mind at ease somewhat.

    The only thing that I was aware of was that her energy was very slow and I wondered if that can effect it?? But I’m not sure why it would effect it as when people have slower energy normally I just work slightly differently.

    Hopefully she didn’t walk away worried she didn’t have a future, that never occurred to me. Thank you,xx

  3. My 5 year old feline nephew, Mordred, wants to spend time with me but is terrified of beings that surround me. I have demanded the beings to f— off and have tried to teach Mordred to do the same. A christian spiritualist reverend told me it’s all my fault for being too negative and sending out wrong energies. That’s funny as everyone at work thinks i’m very positive. Please help.

  4. The last time i thought of having a reading I went along with a friend to her friends house , the lady reading was upstairs and another lady was in a down stairs room doing healing … she did about 4 different people and I was having a lovely evening . Just before it was my turn the lady came down stairs and asked me to excuse her from doing a reading as she was a bit worn out and she looked at me and said she didnt realy think I needed a reading right then anyway … Thing was she was correct I really did have a lovely time and didnt feel I needed to have a reading at all …x

  5. How very interesting, thanks for explaining that Lorraine.

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