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There are two very different types of medium. Those born with things happening to them naturally  - Sensitives – and those who one day decide to try to make it happen by attending circles, classes and anything else on offer. The second type, tends to go by only New Age or Spiritualists’ man-made teachings and usually call themselves psychic mediums.

Sensitives are born with the gifts and never attend classes. Unlike forced mediums, they work only as guided by God and the spirit world. Depending on only them for their natural development and teaching as and when it is meant to happen rather than by forcing it to.

Lorraine’s books are, at present, thought to be the only ones in the world that teach the differences between the two types of medium. They are aimed at helping natural Sensitive Mediums understand what is happening to them, whilst also explaining to those interested, how to tell the differences between forced and natural mediumship. Lorraine is also known for speaking her mind in a very plain way when teaching how to spot a fake or those just preying on the vulnerable for their own self elevation or monetary gain.

This blog has changed in format for the time being due to other pressing commitments, but she can be found at her Facebook pages for anyone wanting updates about Lorraine’s daily life or forthcoming books. One is due to be published very shortly and one other is near completion. To hear about these and more, there will be updates at the appropriate time on this site. She will also be unable to answer any comments left on old posts.

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God’s Poppy Army


God’s Poppy Army

(© copyright Lorraine Holloway-White)


One day a bird flew up to God and sat upon His knee.

You called me Lord and here I am

I flew as fast could be. What is it I can help You with in thanks for all You do?

Whatever You ask I’ll try my best and know You’ll help me through.


There is a task I need my friend that will take a lot of work

Please scatter poppy seeds for me all over a place called Earth.

I need to build an army and poppies are the best

They grow where least expected and never pose a threat.


Although they look so fragile they have a hidden strength

So carry this flower within your beak and travel the world at length.

Scatter its seeds upon the earth and shake with all your might

Then leave this poppy where it lies to fight the biggest fight.


A mighty battle is raging and Satan’s done his worst

But now it’s time to reign him in and save the ones now cursed.

The poppy you dropped will spread more seeds and then you can return

To be repaid with great rewards your loyalty and work has earned.


The battle’s already started and fighting has commenced

But the people in the world I made, need to get down off the fence.

They have to decide which side they’re on in order to seal their fate

The rewards of man or riches of God, it’s their decision to make.


Each poppy will become a person and spread throughout the world

To teach and guide all others, as my conditions and wishes unfurl.

Some will be lost forever, while others become strong and hardy

And these little bird will then become my own true Poppy Army.


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Poem above taken from my tiny little book, aptly named My Little Book – Ideal size for placing in an envelope as a little gift. to by as mini booklet CLICK HERE

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Predictive Vision Coming True

Vision Seen by (name removed) and Me

Below, is what I put publicly in a file on one of my groups in April. Please take note of the date below (in blue) and then read the link at the bottom of the page seen in the newspaper today.

One of the members of that group has just sent me a clipping from a newspaper showing something like this has happened. The one I saw in my vision was HUGE and that somewhere may disappear in it. The one I saw, was brown/red soil not pale as this, but this picture below is identical in every way and just as I described it. Unless the picture below is not shown to true size or colour, then there is another to follow that will be of almost biblical proportions.


By Lorraine Holloway-White on Wednesday, 2 April 2014 at 21:55

(name removed) and I were talking a few days ago and for some reason, a picture (vision) both of us had some time ago came back to us. I wrote everything down on a Word document and  I will tell you here what we both saw, but the other person named above will have to add or correct bits of hers, as I can’t remember it all properly.

Anyway, basically, we both got about a volcano or something similar and this is what we both got.



I see a huge huge crater in the ground. So large it is too big to put to scale. I would even say the ground has opened up and it is too deep to even see how deep it is. I feel it goes right down in the centre of the earth if you know what I mean? Great volcanic eruptions, but underground and not above ground. The soil is reddish brown. Very bright and enormous All that was there is now gone – swallowed up. There is nothing around for miles from what I can see. 

I kept getting (name of country removed) pop into my head too for some reason.

I feel what I am seeing in the mind is the aftermath of some enormous catastrophic event that shook the world when it happened. 

Neither of us has any idea of a time limit for this and when it is likely to happen – IF is does. We both know it is to be HUGE, bigger than anyone can imagine. (name removed) used the expression “biblical” and I agree with her. That is EXACTLY how it feels. 

We both also feel it is NOTHING to do with Yellowstone as everyone is saying


(name removed) – mine appears to be a vision of when something is happening

Huge storms one after the other and a great surge of water.  A volcano and it is to be underground rather than on top. It is to cause a crack that will run from one country to another under the ocean. There is to be a surge of water and the (name removed) is to disappear.

There was more – not to be released.

To Read the article about picture below please



To read more predictions as given by the spirit world – NOT for those who like pretty things and happy ever after - CLICK HERE

 I have just been told to put this post that I put up on my Natural Mediums and Sensitives page on Facebook up here too.

“Pray, pray like you have never prayed before as the hour is now upon your world”

I was given those words above that are not meaning the end of the world, but it is asking for us to pray as we have never prayed before. Whatever it is for, we have been asked and it must be for a reason. Ours is not to question why

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