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There are two very different types of medium. Those born with things happening to them naturally  – Sensitives – and those who one day decide to try to make it happen by attending circles, classes and anything else on offer. The second type, tends to go by only New Age or Spiritualists’ man-made teachings and usually call themselves psychic mediums.

Sensitives are born with the gifts and never attend classes. Unlike forced mediums, they work only as guided by God and the spirit world. Depending on only them for their natural development and teaching as and when it is meant to happen rather than by forcing it to.

Lorraine’s books are, at present, thought to be the only ones in the world that teach the differences between the two types of medium. They are aimed at helping natural Sensitive Mediums understand what is happening to them, whilst also explaining to those interested, how to tell the differences between forced and natural mediumship. Lorraine is also known for speaking her mind in a very plain way when teaching how to spot a fake or those just preying on the vulnerable for their own self elevation or monetary gain.

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Lorraine has written both fiction and non fiction. Mainly a non fiction writer of spiritual books teaching about Natural Mediumship as opposed to man taught. She has also written a political book about charitable works the whole of the country took part in for the Kurds, but that Jeffrey Archer strangely got the credit for. Read the whole story and why this possibly was in Jeffrey Archer: The Kurds “The Simple Truth”

She has also written three fiction books. The first of these, It’s in Their Eyes has already been published and the sequel Hartford, was published in July 2014

My Little Book is a tiny booklet that is ideal to slip into an envelope as a small gift. It is poems, prayers and thoughts for the day.

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Prediction from Spirit World

Yesterday’s show with Lisa Salez was meant to be about Faith and our struggles with it. However, everything I intended saying was swept aside, as I was guided with words I tried hard to fight against giving.

Everything in me tried to fight against it, as I was guided to read out words that had been given to me that I’d kept private. There has been a lot given to me this year and all has been kept closely guarded. What they say is to happen soon remains to be seen if it will or not. Everything personal has been spot on, the rest is yet to follow and makes for pretty scary hearing.

I don’t like scaremongering, religious zealotry or drama. Never do I use such things in my work as people know, but yesterday, I felt all this was happening as I spoke. On listening back to it, it isn’t as bad as I thought and it is obvious to me why they did this.

Maybe none of you will listen to the whole thing and maybe one or two might, but it is a warning all should hear and take heed of – sadly, I know most won’t and so do they. They’ve tried often to get people to listen, but they’re ignored. Maybe it is my fault for not putting their words to you well enough, or maybe no one wants to hear they need to change.

it’s easy to see why certain things will now have to happen, but it saddens me greatly that if what they say proves to be correct, many lives will have to be lost. I leave it to you to decide if you wish to hear what they said through me in the show.

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